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We have immersed ourselves in the Scottish Circus & Aerial community for the last 12 years and are proud to work with the best performers this varied community has to offer.

As well as providing the ever popular aerial performances on silks, trapeze, hoop and rope we can offer the more unusual apparatus such as aerial chains, pole or hair hanging, or create custom kit to ensure we find the perfect act for your event.

2 silks performers on navy silks with silver sequin costumes
Blasie Donald performing at the Outlander wrap party on teal silks, wearing gold sequin Rosa Bloom costume
yellow silks being swished at the museum
Rachael MacIntyre performing on aerial silks
tattooed lady on silks
2 silks performers doing the splits at Mansfield Traquair in Edinburgh

Aerial Silks

Blue Rosa Bloom costume on trapeze with three led balloons
an upside down straddle on trapeze


Blaise & Lucy performing doubles on trapeze
Lauren Jamieson on trapeze
Blaise & Kate at The Signet Library, wearing silver sequins and performing doubles aerial hoop in the golden birdcage


Skylarks Business Card Back, Blaise in the feather costume on aerial hoop
Chrissie in jeans doing a forward back  arch on hoop
Chrissie Ardill lounging on a red hoop in a pretty floral dress
Amy and Saya performing doubles aerial hoop
white feather showgirl on hoop
Eric reaching to the ground on hoop
Blaise on aerial hoop at the Barney's Beer Festival
a performer leans into the light, hanging from a hoop at the MacRobert centre in Sterling
Performer on the lollipop hoop, man on the moon position with light shining from her knee
Spin twins, Blaise & Kate on the Lollipop Hoop

Lollipop Hoop

Double split on the lollipop hoop
lollipop hoop double act in silver sequin costumes
Lauren Jamieson on aerial rope in a scorpion position


Lauren in cargo pants and a white cropped top on aerial hoop
Rachael MacIntyre on aerial Rope
performer back balances on aerial rope
Harlequin character on aerial straps


aerial straps performer facing the camera wearing fishnets and heels
performer beating on aerial straps
Back balance on aerial chains
Performer hangs from her elbows on aerial chains


Hair Hanging

Male duo pole act


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