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We are passionate about creating costumes and characters.

Choose from one of our favourites or we can create something bespoke just for you!

Frieda Fankle (fifi) name card
Pearl (pop) name card

Bespoke costuming

Image of the candy floss girl headdresses once completed
Concept drawings for the candyfloss girls
Concept drawing for the Japanese inspired stilt walking costume
a picture of the Japanese inspired stilt walking costume completed
the candy floss girls performing duo spinning aerial hoop

From concept 

drawings to the 

finished article

Perfectly themed for your event.

spin twins on their spinning lollipop hoop
The vinage paparazzi character out and about
A selection of performers about to go on
Blaise wearing a red top hat waiting to go out and welcome customers at the Fridays to Go Launch in Dundee
Characters Posy Lee and Freida Fankle hanging out by the vintage caravan
Candy floss girls at EUSA
Black and white costumed showgirls posing with Marilyn Monroe
Backstage at EUSA, gold costumes, wings and red top hats
Candy floss girl wearing pink glasses
1920's cabaret performers posing with juggling clubs and tarot cards
Blaise & Kate at Eventit
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